JFVW Demands

Justice For Victor White

These demands will be pursued in the name of Victor White and all victims of police brutality.  The Justice For Victor White movement stands in solidarity with Justice Together, Campaign Zero, Ferguson Action, and all other coalitions dedicated to police reform and ending police brutality.

Mission Statement:

The Justice For Victor White movement’s purpose is to honor the life of Victor White III, raise awareness of his untimely death, demand accountability for law officers’ misconduct, and ensure transparency within investigations.

Vision Statement:

To eliminate violence against the community in the form of police brutality and corruption in law enforcement by raising awareness, hosting educational events, and initiating public policy changes–particularly in accountability for misconduct.

 Justice For Victor White

Have the officers involved in the deadly interaction charged with murder, convicted, serve time in prison, and not be allowed to serve on any law enforcement agencies.

Secure the resignation, or removal, of Sheriff Ackle in Iberia Parish for continued negligence of duties, including: securing the safety of citizens in police custody and properly training officers to uphold the law

Reform Statutes and Legislation

Remove immunity of crimes from officers. (See example of North Carolina-Jonathon Ferrell)

Revise training for officers: reduce fear-based reactionary behavior and emphasize de-escalation tactics.

Require formal education of law–minimum requirement of attaining Associates degree in Criminal Justice to publicly serve and carry weapon.

Malpractice insurance for all officers similar to medical malpractice insurance. Tax payers should not have to cover the cost of misconduct. (May be subsidized in later years when officer is shown to have excellent behavior and trust of the communities.)

Community Oversight of Police

Mandatory body cameras that must remain on while officer is on duty and subject to community review.

Committee tasked with reviewing efforts to reduce police brutality, unfair practices, and other issues stemming from negative bias towards marginalized groups within the community.

Quarterly review of data compilation with LEA and DOJ with recommendations for adjustments to policies included in decision making by heads of departments.

Independent Investigation when lethal weapons are discharged (Example from Wisconsin-Michael Bell)

Address negative biases

(particularly against people of color racism)

Diversity Training–Officers should regularly interact with community members and learn of different cultures respectfully.  Many issues are caused by the “us vs. them” mentality and lack of humanization of ALL people served.

Bi-Annual Psychological/Social Evaluations–ensure officers are emotionally stable and of sound mind, and provide support for the psychological challenges of working in the field.

Revise disciplinary actions when officers use inappropriate language and behavior towards citizens and other officers.

Helping to raise funds and awareness. #justiceforvic