Investigation Closure–No Criminal Charges

All federal and state investigations of the murder of Victor White have closed. There will be no criminal charges pressed against any officer involved in the incident, and the Sheriff’s office is without penalty for this crime. More information can be found at:

Civil litigation is ongoing. The Fight Continues!


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Week of Action Oct. 12-18, 2015

We are just a few weeks away from the Week of Action! Join us!

The official events will be held in Lafayette and New Iberia, La along with other satellite events in Baton Rouge.

The Justice For Victor White movement’s purpose is to honor the life of Victor White III, raise awareness of his untimely death, demand accountability for law officers’ misconduct, and ensure transparency within investigations.

Join us for the March to End  Police Brutality Oct. 17 in New Iberia



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7 Day Fundraising Drive

Friends & Supporters of Justice for Victor White, we appreciate the support you all have shown us through well wishes, likes and shares. For the next 7 days we need that continued support, but even more importantly we need a small donation of $5 or more into this movement.

It’s time for real change in New Iberia, LA and across the nation. It’s a process; Awareness, Action and then Organization. Do your part in kick starting the first major Black Lives Matter protest in the South. We have a lot planned for the Week of Resistance: symposium on police brutality, a music festival, a know your rights workshop, teach-ins, walk-outs and continued large scale canvasing. The 7 day fundraising drive begins TODAY!

Coroner’s Report

The latest autopsy states that Victor White shot himself in the chest, despite his hands being cuffed behind his back. This assertion is based solely on the police report. The coroner failed to check Mr. White’s hands for gunpowder residue. The family wishes to conduct an independent investigation.

Read the autopsy report here.

Victor White’s Family Disputes Claim That Handcuffed Man Killed Himself

Huffington Post:

The attorney representing the family of Victor White III — a 22-year-old man who authorities claim shot and killed himself while locked in a patrol car with his hands cuffed behind him — says police are not only responsible for his death but launched a cover-up immediately afterwards.

“He didn’t kill himself,” Louisiana attorney Carol Powell Lexing told The Huffington Post. “They killed him and they have been covering it up instead of dealing with the rogue cop within their department. The bigger question is why did they kill this boy?”

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